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More recently, the impacts of climate change and shifting global and local market conditions have imposed intensifying impacts on our rural farming communities.  More ecologically sustainable practices, more economically viable farming practices and more diverse markets must be developed.  The survival of our communities and the land on which they live depend on it.

FARMCOOP is currently serving 6,771 agrarian reform beneficiaries, small-scale farmers and indigenous peoples farming over 10,429 hectares of land in Mindanao.  In addition to supporting all our partner cooperatives, current projects include: conversion of conventional mono-crop palm oil plantation and coconut farms to organic agroforestry, rehabilitation of ancestral tribal land through agro-rainforestation with cacao, coffee, cash crops and native forest plants, and value-addition as well as sustainable agriculture research and development.

In the Sibulan tribal community, FARMCOOP activities also include a pilot project promoting holistic community health and family well-being, youth and women capacity building, water access, sustainable agriculture, and peace building.

Funding and technical support to FARMCOOP will help the organization improve its services and programs to the above communities as well as the long-term development of sustainable agriculture and community resilience in the Philippines.


FARMCOOP is supported by a fund established by Give2Asia, a U.S. nonprofit organization. Donors may make contributions to the FARMCOOP fund at Give2Asia and be sure that their gifts will be tax deductible, well managed, and granted to support the purposes of FARMCOOP.

To make a gift, visit the fund page online at or make a check payable to Give2Asia and indicate your intention to support FARMCOOP fund in a cover letter or the memo section.  Give2Asia also accepts wire transfer.  For more information, please contact Farmcoop or Give2Asia directly at its U.S. headquarters +1.415.967.6300;; Give2Asia, 340 Pine Street, Suite 501, San Francisco, CA 94104, U.S.A.

*By law, Give2Asia is required to retain discretion and control over the use of donations to accomplish its charitable programs, which include the FARMCOOP Fund.  This means FARMCOOP must remain charitable in purpose and demonstrate the charitable use of the funds in order to receive grants from Give2Asia.