Core Services

legal services (4)-cropped

Cooperative members seek legal consultation with Atty. Koronado Apuzen and Atty. Jayceebel Balite.
Legal Representation and Consultancy, Contract Negotiation, Documentation, and Land Tenure Services
  • Provides legal services to strengthen the acquisition and scale of lands tilled by small farmers.
  • Provides legal counseling and representation before quasi-judicial and judicial bodies.
Cooperative Consolidation Services
  • Facilitates awareness raising among the farmers to enable them internalize cooperative values, principles and practices, including commitment to organic farming, safety, health, environment and gender development.
  • Provides appropriate empowerment and capability building activities.
  • Establishes functional organizational structure with appropriate internal management, financial and production operational systems.
Entrepreneurial Services
  • Facilitates negotiations and forging of fair marketing agreements between cooperatives and local/international buyers of their farm produce.
  • Assist cooperatives in developing their business capabilities.
Plantation Technical Support Services
  • Provides close-in and timely technical support services to the farmers in order to ensure high production of quality products.
Market Linkaging
  • Promote farmers’ organic products and product development with local and international buyers through participation in local and international trade fairs.
  • Linking farmers’ products to local and international buyers.
R&D - farm conversion from high chem to low chem practice

Conversion of banana plantations from high chemical input to low chemical input.
Research & Development in Organic Farming Technology
  • Pursue continuing studies and experimentation in appropriate organic technology and inputs.
  • Promote the viability of organic approaches among partner cooperatives and initiate the conversion of their synthetic chemical-based farms into organic or low chemical farms by facilitating access to organic agricultural inputs and technology.
Institutional Capacity Building
  • Capacitates farmer cooperatives in good governance, business management, production and marketing
Credit Accessing
  • Enabling non-bankable farmers obtain low interest credits from banks and other financing institutions to fund their inputs and facilities
Technology Transfer
  • Making technologies in production of fresh and processed farm products available to the farmers through trainings, field trials, and bench marking of successful farms.